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What is a Silent Air Remover

The Silent Air Remover is a silencer for the quiet deflation of air on inflatable stand-up paddle boards, hard air kayaks and inflatable boats with hard air bottoms which are equipped with the HR valve.

Was ist ein Silent Air Remover


With the Silent Air Remover you do not only take care of your own ears but also that of people and animals near by.

The sound level when the air is discharged is reduced by up to 50 dB.


The Silent Air Remover can be used on inflatable stand-up paddle boards, hard air kayaks and inflatable dinghies with hard air bottom and HR valve.

The supplied storage box ensures that it is always securely packed.

Made in Germany

The Silent Air Remover, for which an international patent has been applied, was developed in Germany and is also manufactured in Germany.

The label Made in Germany stands for origin and quality at the same time.

130 dB

Without Silent Air Remover

80 dB

With Silent Air Remover

How does the Silent AIr Remover work

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

  • The duration depends on the volume and the air pressure - a board with 250 litres and 1 bar is emptied after approx. 30 seconds so that the remaining air can be discharged as usual - a board with 360 litres and 1.5 bar lasts approx. 60 seconds. If you remove the Silent Air Remover too soon and it still hisses loudly simply insert it again and press the button again.


  • We tested the Silent Air Remover with a lot of boards from 2016 to 2019 and it always worked. Even with hard air kayaks and inflatable boats with hard air bottoms the result was excellent even if they are inflated with less pressure due to their construction.


Why to use the Silent Air Remover

Each person perceives sounds differently, some people are not disturbed or only slightly, others are annoyed by it and the more intense a sound is, the more people perceive it as unpleasant noise.
Doctors and acoustic researchers agree that an increased noise level has health consequences, because noise weakens the immune system, causes cardiovascular diseases and puts body and mind under stress.
Hearing damage is possible from as little as 120 dB after only a short exposure. To protect your hearing and that of people and animals near by, it is therefore recommended to use the Silent Air Remover.

At some point the air has to come out - unfortunately this makes a lot of noise.

A loud noise can be unbearable for us if it is caused by the neighbour. But if we have a benefit from it ourselves, we often feel it quite differently. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of how harmful noise can be for the body and psyche.

The distance between the sound source and the ear naturally also influences how strongly we feel the sound, therefore how disturbing we perceive the noise. A bursting balloon from a distance of 1 meter or an ambulance with a siren at a distance of 5 meters reaches 130 dB.

From loud to quiet

With the Silent Air Remover, air release becomes a pleasure - for yourself, for those seeking relaxation and for the animals near by. There are no more embarrassing moments, we don't have to apologize for letting the air out beforehand and we contribute to a respectful interaction with each other.

Everyone who seeks peace and quiet in his free time and wishes to relax has the right to have this respected. Let us enjoy the sport that gives us all so much pleasure for a long time to come.



How much does the Silent Air Remover cost

The Silent Air Remover is available in three colours - green, black and red - from our partner Red Paddle Co and comes in a practical storage box.

Recommended retail price



  • Silent Air Remover in green with black button and gasket
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Recommended retail price



  • Silent Air Remover in black with green button and gasket
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Recommended retail price



  • Silent Air Remover in red from our partner Red Paddle Co
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Who has developed it

As enthusiastic stand-up paddlers, we were disturbed from the very beginning by the air being released and the resulting noise

Also the trick with the towel on the valve and then press did not really convince us. So a solution had to be found and the idea for the Silent Air Remover was born. The first prototypes worked so well that we now produce them in series.

  • Easy to use
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany
  • International patent pending